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About C-N-Do Scotland

Sustainable responsible tourism in Scotland is nothing new. Since C-N-Do was founded in 1984, our ethos has been quiet enjoyment of the nature of Scotland, an awareness and empathy for all aspects of the natural heritage of Scotland, a desire to have minimum impact in our passing through the countryside, and as an organisation try to encourage others to share these values.

Then as now, there is nothing more refreshing to mind and body than the quiet tranquillity of a wild Highland landscape; nothing more inspiring than the power of nature's form in tree, rock and water; nothing more moving than the perfection of wildlife at ease in nature.

All C-N-Do walking guides, support manager and instructors have a real passion for Scotland, our natural heritage and landscapes. Their enthusiasm for the outdoors, history and wildlife is infectious.

So be prepared to discover, explore and share a truly wild Scotland experience.

By visiting and staying in the remoter areas of the Highlands and Islands, we help local economies and communities. We work with many small rural businesses and local accommodation providers. We always try to use fresh, local or fairtrade produce wherever possible. Similarly, recycling or re-use has always been our chosen option. Indeed we have always had an enviable reputation as the leading light in sustainable tourism.

C-N-Do has, over the years, been in tune with and actively supported many Scottish outdoor, conservation and environmental organisations. Similarly, C-N-Do has played its, at times pivotal, role in the progress and debate about many aspects of outdoor recreation and responsibilities within a wider Scottish context.

Members of our team have many links with local and national environmental, recreational and conservation organisations… Over the years, we have developed and delivered a wide range of conservation days and activities. From bridge building to bracken bashing, from stile construction to clearing culverts, C-N-Do'ers in their many guises have got their hands dirty and done their bit for the Scottish countryside..

C-N-Do has many informal links with and has long been a supporter of the National Trust for Scotland and other conservation and environmental bodies. The navigation courses which we deliver have vital components relating to conservation, and our environmental responsibilities as a recreational user of the wider countryside.

Each year C-N-Do donates to the Arran peat land restoration project a sum equivalent to the estimated CO2 produced from our energy consumption and own journeys throughout Scotland.

If you have any questions about the donations, about considering carbon conservation projects in relation to personal or business energy costs, the company behind it or wider Carbon Conservation concepts please get in touch.