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C-N-Do Scotland brochures

These are our latest brochures and leaflets for you to download, they require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Alternatively, use our simple brochure request service.

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Private Bronze National Navigation Award Course

Choose your own dates and location with our Private Bronze National Navigation Award Course.

The National Navigation Award course are a range of practical courses aimed at enabling walkers to gain the necessary skills to navigate in a variety of terrain. Private Bronze NNAS Course

This staged scheme offers a systematic and progressive approach to finding your way around in the countryside and opens up the possibility of independent walking with increased confidence.

Private Bronze NNAS Course

By the end of the course you should be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Understanding the nature of a map as a two dimensional plan.
  • Understanding map symbols, scales and the underlying principle of the magnetic compass including cardinal points. Ordnance Survey maps at scales of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000, Harvey Walkers maps, specialist maps from organisations like the British Waterways Board or Orienteering maps - or a selection of these - will be covered here depending on circumstances and resources. The part played by grid references and magnetic variation will depend on the type of map being used.
  • Take a 6 figure grid reference for any given position and also locate such a reference on the map.
  • Orientate the map with and without a compass.
  • Use the orientated map to identify land features and indicate direction of travel.
  • Choose simple navigation strategies and routes.
  • Use linear features (e.g. paths and tracks) as handrails in simple navigation exercises.
  • Estimate distance on both map and ground.
  • Using a basic understanding of contours, match major landforms like hills and valleys to their map representation.
  • Plan a safe, suitable walk.
  • Relocate using simple techniques on paths and other handrails.
  • Understand access rights and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of local and national access issues and access legislation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Countryside Code, and of procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Book Your Private Bronze National Navigation Award Course

People Price Total Book It
6 £75pp £450

Course Information

Start time at C-N-Do office: 08:30

Finish time at C-N-Do office: 17:00

Assumes: No previous knowledge

Location: Except where stated otherwise, courses are operated from our Stirling base. Other locations are used from time to time.

Course Duration: 2 day non-residential course including assessment

Covers: The basic routine, Scale, Distance judgement, Use of linear features, Contour interpretation, Environmental and First Aid awareness.

Ratio: 1:6

Group Size

Minimum number: 3

Maximum number per instructor: 6

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