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C-N-Do Scotland brochures

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Night Navigation Course

A short evening course getting to grips with this potentially daunting situation before it happens for real! Operated on a non-residential basis from our Stirling base.

Participants should be of around intermediate (NNAS Silver) standard of navigation already. Excellent preparation for winter time.

Night Navigation Course is useful for:

  • Summer and Winter mountain navigation
  • WGL and ML Trainees
  • Continued professional development

Book Your Night Navigation Course

People Price Total Book It
1 £80 £80
2 £50 £100
3 £50 £150
4 £50 £200

At a glance

  • Grade: Grade 2
  • Price: From £50pp
  • Instructional days: 4½hours
  • Accommodation: n/a
  • Accom type: n/a
  • Group per instructor: 4
  • Meet: C-N-Do Office, Stirling
  • Finish: C-N-Do Office, Stirling

At a glance...

  • Activity: Night Navigation
  • Grade: Grade 2
  • Price: from £28.75 p.p
  • Duration: 4½ hours
  • Accom: n/a
  • Group per instructor: 6
  • Meet: C-N-Do Office, Stirling
  • Finish: C-N-Do Office, Stirling


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Course Information

Assumes: Already at Silver NNA standard

Course Duration: 18:00 - 22:30

Covers: Additional skills useful in poor visibility and lots of practice.

Group Size

Minimum number: 2

Maximum number per instructor: 4

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