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C-N-Do Scotland brochures

These are our latest brochures and leaflets for you to download, they require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Alternatively, use our simple brochure request service.

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Environmental Ethos - Summary

C-N-Do Scotland - Environmental Ethos

C-N-Do Scotland’s Environmental Policy - Practising Sustainable tourism since 1984

Here at C-N-Do Scotland we are committed to working in a sustainable way.

Our actions to strive towards include:-

  • We believe we comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice
  • We continuously seek to improve our environmental and social performance
  • We try our hardest to reduce pollution, emissions and waste
  • We try our hardest to reduce the use of energy, water and other resources
  • We use local providers of goods and services where possible, and choose fair trade products where available
  • We raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees plus other businesses in sustainable business practices
  • We seek to encourage suppliers and contractors in environmentally sustainable practices and hold the prestigious Nikwax/Paramo Green Retailer Award
  • We raise awareness, encourage participation and offer training to the general public in environmental sustainability and best outdoor practices and actively support the Our Park Payback Scheme and our pioneering Carbon Conservation Scheme
  • We encourage customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way
  • We liaise with the local communities and support them as we can
  • When operating in the outdoors we seek to promote the Leave No Trace and responsible outdoor access ethic
  • As Scotland’s first Gold GTBS Tour Operator, we wholeheartedly support the Green Tourism Business Scheme as an indicator of our sustainable practices. Over 90% of our accommodation suppliers are GTBS holders.
  • We work with and support a wide range of outdoor and conservations bodies including: John Muir Trust, National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust, etc
Environmental Ethos