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Traveling anywhere - Leave a green footprint!

Motorised traveling, especially by plane contributes to global warming through emissions of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). Working with the National Trust for Scotland, C-N-Do Scotland has identified the first of a number of Scottish based projects as “Carbon Conservation Scotland projects”, an easy way to contribute towards reducing the impact of the emission of CO2 and Carbon from your travels. You can also consider these as Carbon Conservation projects for personal, home or business energy consumption.

The carbon footprint of your journey is the amount of CO2 produced, measured from the amount of fuel consumed. Air travel is still the most polluting in this respect.

By supporting this project you will be contributing to the reduction of the CO2 and Carbon released from your flight by improving the natural Carbon reservoirs of Scotland. Peat is considered the best carbon store or sink for Scotland with woodlands being a distant second.

The National Trust for Scotland has a peat restoration project which will help restore, conserve and expand an area of peat moorland enabling it to improve its effectiveness as a carbon store. Thus by contributing to the project, financially or practically, you can help to reduce the impact of your CO2 emissions for that journey or flight.

All the proceeds are used specifically to cover project costs. Any administration costs are being born by C-N-Do as part of their commitment to the projects.

You can find out more about the restoration sites which will benefit from the project.

If you have any questions about the donations, about considering carbon conservation projects in relation to personal or business energy costs, the company behind it or wider Carbon Conservation concepts please get in touch.