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Gift Voucher Booking Conditions

Gift Voucher Booking Conditions

C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions and by purchasing an C-N-Do Scotland Gift Certificate you will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers are issued for redemption at C-N-Do Scotland base in Stirling or by post in exchange for the provision of either (a) services equivalent in value to its full face value or (b) or goods on sale in the C-N-Do Scotland shop or (c) any combination of them (referred to in these terms and conditions as "the benefits").

C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers may be cancelled after issue if any information supplied at the time of purchase is untrue or inaccurate, or if payment is declined or incorrect card holder details and/or billing information have been supplied.

Each C-N-Do Scotland Gift voucher issued can be identified and:

  • Gift vouchers may only be used for whole or part payment for services or goods provided by C-N-Do Scotland at the time of redeeming the gift voucher.
  • Gift vouchers are redeemable subject to availability at the discretion of C-N-Do Scotland.
  • Gift vouchers may not be exchanged wholly or partly for cash, nor will any change be given.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers. C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers are not replaceable if lost, damaged or stolen and are void if altered, photocopied or reproduced.
  • May be redeemed once for its full face value at C-N-Do Scotland in exchange for the benefits.
  • In the event that the value of the C-N-Do Scotland Gift Certificate does not cover the full cost of the services or goods provided by C-N-Do Scotland, then the balance must be paid by the redeemer of the C-N-Do Scotland Gift voucher to C-N-Do Scotland in cash, cheque or by valid debit/credit.

C-N-D Scotland acts solely as the issuer of C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers and upon redemption of the C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers the legal contract for provision of the benefits and any other services is made with the C-N-Do Scotland which thereafter assumes full responsibility and liability for the provision of such benefits and any other services and it is a condition of the sale of the C-N-Do Scotland Gift vouchers, that C-N-Do Scotland has no liability whatsoever for the provision of any benefits or any related issues or consequences.

Legal jurisdiction is Scotland.

Gift Voucher Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions for the purchase of C-N-Do Scotland Gift Vouchers.

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